Personal Training

I have been a lifelong fitness enthusiast and a runner since 1992 with extensive experience in training and injury rehabilitation.

Using a professional trainer can get the best results in the shortest time​.


Once we know your goals and dreams, we can customize an exercise plan to get you there. It's not easy, but the results can be dramatic.

Been away for a while?  No worries!


I can help you return to fitness with a ReFIT program of strength training and aerobic activities.  



"At 56 years old, I needed a hip replacement. Bob's massages and his strengthening program had me well prepared for surgery and a rapid recovery. I am now jogging again."

Jim Y.

Brighton, MI

Pre-habilitation & Rehabilitation


Need corrective surgery for knee, hip or other body part? Before your surgery, prepare with a Pre-habilitation program to strengthen and prepare your body.


Recovering from surgery? A customized Rehabilitation will have you better than new, ready to enjoy the rest of your life in fitness and in health.

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Tel: 520-403-1485


"Dance through life, fit & confident"
-Bob Cranson

Location​​​​​​: Tucson, AZ

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