Relaxation, injury treatment and rest are a big part of getting and being fit.  I offer therapeutic massage and relaxation massage to ease your tired or sore body and help you rest and relax on your way to getting fitter and healthier.

Specialities include:  Low back pain, soft tissue injuries, treating runners, whiplash recovery




Helps relieve stiffness and soreness after exercise or competition

Low Back/Sciatica Treatments


Frictioning the ligaments and muscles at the sacrum frees tightened back areas and increases hip flexibility

Massage Therapy


"After an auto accident 8 years ago, I couldn't turn my head without great pain.  After Bob's whiplash massage treatment, I am finally pain free and mobile."


Ann Arbor, MI

Whiplash Recovery Treatments


A program to break down scar tissue and restore smooth and painless neck movement

Swedish & Hot Stone Massage


A Swedish massage provides traditional relaxation.  


A Hot Stone Massage restores energy, nurtures stressed out muscles and spirit, and balances your chi.  This is possibly the most relaxing massage you'll ever experience.

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Tel: 520-403-1485


"Dance through life, fit & confident"
-Bob Cranson

Location​​​​​​: Tucson, AZ

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